Tug and Brush / Interractive Chew Toy



1) Prevent your dog from having bad breath

Most dogs with bad breath usually have poor dental care. Cleaning your dog's teeth regularly can help prevent the odor from developing while also removing any food particles in between your dog's teeth and gums.

       2/3 of pet owners "never" or "rarely" brush their pet's teeth despite the health benefits of doing so. 

2) Remove tartar and plaque buildup

Brushing your dog's teeth regularly removes tartar and plaque. Although tartar starts in the mouth, if not removed it can then transplant to other parts of the body where it can build up and cause blockages that affect other organs and joints. Brushing regularly can also prevent heart disease, arthritis, and multiple other complications.

3) Prevent periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is one of the most prominent diseases to affect dogs. Brushing your dog's teeth stimulates the gum and cleans the tooth in the same way that brushing your own teeth does. Regular toothbrushing is the best possible way to ensure that your dog has a mouth full of healthy teeth well into the adult years.

4) Reduce damage to your dog's internal organs

Toxins from periodontal and other oral diseases are absorbed into your dog's bloodstream, and can damage the heart, kidneys, and liver which filter the blood. For this reason, regular toothbrushing is crucial to prevent bacteria in your dog's mouth from infecting and fatally damaging the internal organs.

  • Tug and Brush  turns a dreaded task into a fun and interactive playful experience for both you and your furry friend! You will make great memories while tending to a daily chore that used to be such a hassle.

          Brushing your furry friend’s fangs is difficult, inconvenient, time consuming, and can even be dangerous. Chances are, your dog hates it even more—and he or she will make sure you know it. But those days are now over!